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In this autumn of my life (I've just entered by 8th decade), I aspire to finally fulfill my early childhood dream of being an artist when I grow up! Although I made a great start in that direction when I graduated from high school and took my first full-time job hand-lettering signs for the DIsplay Department at Macys-Kansas City, I let myself get side-tracked by marriage, children, divorce, remarriage, more children, etc. The "dream" went on hold, but never died. As part of my quest to find out what I was really supposed to be, I pursued multiple degrees while raising my family. I found that, in addition to art, I had passions for researching issues related to women and work and helping women and other minorities realize their potential.

My finest and most important works of art, without a doubt, are my five children. They have each taken off in different directions, following their personal artistic muse -- fine art photographer, ceramic designer, wood worker and stage carpenter, graphic designer/manager, and scout leader, mentoring young girl scouts to reach their potential! The diverse paths I've taken along the way have all helped grind the lens through which I experience the world and shape the way my artistic efforts are evolving.

Words that describe who I am, and have been, are: Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother,  Mentor, Student, Professor, Care-taker, Dreamer, Print-maker, Pyrographer, Painter and lately, Colored Pencil addict!

About me and my journey

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