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A Whole New World ....

My webpage is now updated to an html version, since the old "flash" version could no longer be changed/published! The good news is that it is now available on smart phones or tablets. The bad news is that my old blog is no longer available. So, we begin again . . .

My last entry in the old blog had me contemplating entering the Forgotten Milk Cans (See above) in the White River Exhibit at College of the Ozarks. It was accepted (but then all of the entries were accepted) and when I got it back home and looked at it more closely, I realized it really needed some more work!!!! I tweaked it a LOT and entered it in the Senior Art Exhibit at Missouri State University and it was accepted (See below) as "Forgotten Milk Cans Revisited". I like it MUCH better now. My "Pioneer Supper Prep" that is at the top in the background was also accepted. It's a pyrographic image on wood panel with colored pencil.

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