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Another day another dollar, or more accurately: Another quarter another panel

The Children's Art Show at the TRAG Gallery is now a memory. As usual, the children's art was inspiring. My art for the weekend was painting faces -- fun, but an interesting challenge! Monday, we adult artists had to re-hang our own art on the panel assignments for April through June. My expectation for myself is that what I hang has to be new work. I had to "cheat" just a bit to accomplish that this quarter. Although I actually drew Hostas and Violets last spring while in Kansas City waiting for Tina's chemo/radiation regimen to begin, I was the only one who really liked it! I loved the memory of seeing them "spring" up outside, my KC backdoor. I matted them and shared them at Silver Dollar City and the TRAG Fall Festival, but no one even gave them a second look. When I pulled them out of storage on Monday to consider framing and hanging them in the Gallery, it was another one of those "Art Before Breakfast" moments. I pulled my colored pencils back out and thought "What would Karen do?" Used a lot of indigo blues, burnished with white, and dark greens. Wah-lah! I like it even better, perhaps others will, too. (I don't have a "before" shot of this one except in my head!)

Had a storm here last night and the power flickered out several times so I had to wait for the Keurig to reheat this morning. Another perfect "Art Before Breakfast" opportunity! Tried out my new set of Faber-Castel pastel pencils on the back of a sheet of pre-used paper. They are not as soft as my others, but I have more colors to play with -- that's a good thing! Coffee finally brewed -- that's probably as far as this sketch will ever go. . .

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