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So I missed a couple of "Hump Day" entries ... not a problem, right?

Holy Week was very busy, and although I did do some "art", I didn't take time to reflect on it in my blog. We came up to Kansas City on Tuesday and I did get a bit of art in. Of course the week started out with painted Easter Eggs! I started my single poppy colored pencil drawing while I sat the Gallery last week, then worked on it at Karen's on Friday, and kept trying to get contrast while I drank coffee on the porch and/or chatted with Tina and Pam on the phone. I left it at the lake to "settle" and will pick it up again when we drive back. The Pansy vase sketches started at Karen's, too, and are an on-going project. Th iris just begged me to sketch it when the bloom opened up on Thursday morning! I love that iris!!!!

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