April showers foretell May Flowers!

Actually the flowers are already in my mind and on my drawing board, so it's time for the showers to stop!!!! There is a lot of flooding around the Ozarks and the rain has continued all through the day . . .actually for the past few days . . .makes us all say "Enough already!!!

The Poppy drawing is still under construction. Karen suggests making the stem visible, but I'm not sure I want to do that. It goes in the "ponder a bit more" pile. I added one of my elephants to the blue vase of pansy-like blooms and now I can title it "Water for elephants?" I moved the horizon line down some, too, so it wouldn't split the image at the half-way point. It goes in the "probably finished" pile. I started a new drawing at Karen's yesterday -- it's a bit larger and focuses in on the columbines blooming in front of the 7612 house right now. I always realize after I've started a new drawing how much detail -- and time -- it's going to take to complete it!

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