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Whoops! This is my first post in May and it's almost over...

Such a busy month! Mothers' Day 5K, tea with granddaughter and daughter, multiple improvements taking place on the Marybelle house in KC, surprise birthday party for eldest grandson (40 believe it or not!), graduation open house for eldest granddaughter, eldest daughter's cataract surgery, dental appointments for Don and me both, baccalaureate mass, graduation, and finally back to lake and hosting Memorial Day visits from family members. Whew! . . . and I really did find some time for art during all of that! My mock orange blossoms morphed into "His eye in on the sparrow," the poppy up close and personal is as done as it ever will be, the columbines seem finished, and the first spring iris is coming along. Here are progressing photos of all four. . .

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