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Silver Dollar City Craft Show this year . . .

Jan Rosenburg and I represented the Table Rock Art Guild and Gallery for 3 and one-half weeks this year -- from September 8 through October 1 at the Silver Dollar City annual Cowboy and Craft Festival. It was a joy to share our love of art with the children and the grown-up aspiring artists as they visited our booth! When my photos from my old laptop get transferred and I'm "up and running" online again, I'll post candid photos from the event! Here is a photo of one of the colored pencil drawings I sold. The title was "Eye on the Sparrow" and my daughter Pam was responsible for my adding the sparrow -- otherwise it just have been the mock orange blossoms! Since then, I did a couple of "repeats" of the image on wood and sold one of them. Don says the last one looks more like a chickadee, but I'm sticking to the sparrow moniker!

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