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And the journey begins (the artful journey, of course!)

Earlier this year I discovered a fascinating book, "Creating Art at the Speed of Life," by Pam Carriker, and it inspired me to not only create a handmade art journal and begin the lessons, but to share the book with friends in the Table Rock Art Guild. Now at least eight of us have a journal and the book and are, hopefully, working through the 30 lessons in the book and journaling about the experience. In addition, I made my granddaughter Meghan a journal and gave it to her, along with a copy of the book, for her 15th birthday this month. Most of the exercises are pushing me out of my art comfort zone, but -- as I would tell my children -- they are good for my (artistic) character!!! I got off to a slow start and only did the first three exercises until lately. I've forged ahead and completed several of the lessons this month, finished all five in Chapter 1 and this week wound up lesson 8. This week's blog entry, then, is a progress report:

The next lesson challenges me to use a non-traditional painting tool to create a post-impressionist portrait -- that may be my first page in May. I need to build up courage to try it! Oh, I forgot to mention that the pages of the journal are 90 lb. cold-pressed Arches watercolor paper.

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