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Playing with watercolor pencils!

A set of 36 Derwent watercolor pencils was part of what I purchased with my birthday gift card from Tina, and this week I decided it was high time I tried them out. I played with them on two types of paper: a cream Canson drawing pad paper (90 lb.) and my favorite Stonehenge 90 lb paper (white). Both images are from reference photos of old barns taken by my friend Nina Fournier (who gave me permission to use them). On the Canson paper, I used Ivory Black, Blue Grey, and Gunmetal. On the Stonehenge paper I used Vandyke Brown, Copper Beech, and Raw Sienna -- except for the flag, of course. The Canson paper was really too thin to take the water well, but Stonehenge worked well. I'm going to have fun learning what I can and can't (or shouldn't) do with these new toys!

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