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Saying goodbye to the OLD, in with the NEW (maybe)

This is the last day o f 2018 and I woke up thinking "perhaps I could add some Inktense pencil on top of the tree study I've been playing with and that might make the streakiness fade." Well, I've played with it -- and then added some of my metallic watercolor pencils, too, and then worked in some more of my oil-based colored pencils. . . all of this on my latest obsession -- using black paper as my base. Have I learned anything from these exercises? It's doubtful! I've included several other images done on the coal black Strathmore paper that I happened to have photos of -- some I did during the TRAG Fall Festival while sitting by my display with nothing better to do than sketch some of Paula Buzenius's great photos. I just counted, and I still have eight sheets (9x12) of the coal black paper. All I have to do now is decide whether to put them safely away and move on to some other obsession OR to plod ahead with experiments on black! Happy New Year?

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