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2020? Mixing it up? Think I might!

So, I closed out my 2019 art journey by beginning a detailed drawing/painting of clock and watch parts called "Pieces of Time." It was inspired by an idea in one of Karen Deeds books on watercolor pencil techniques where the artist used a "box of clocks" as his reference photo. Karen collects old watch and clock parts and suggested I might want to use some of her "findings" rather than copy the lesson in the book. Wah-la (is that how you spell it?) -- this is what transpired:

(Note: If you left-click on the photos, you can see them each separately and enlarged. Then, just left click on the X to return to the original screen.)

. . . and then, liking the small size (and having just acquired an 8x8 Stonehenge spiral bound sketch book, I started doing a series of drawings incorporating "sharpie" ink and watercolor pencil, plus a little water color.

My Friday art group ladies were fascinated with a painting of cacti. After a discussion of how multiple people can look at something and all see it differently, we challenged each other to see what would happen if we all attempted to repeat what we saw in the photo of the painting by Jay J. Johnson. I began my version using sharpie ink, following up with watercolor pencil and watercolor.

When Karen and I had a conversation about combining the two media, ink and watercolor pencil, she shared that SueEllen Ross used that as a technique with most of her work. I checked it out and am intrigued by her 4 step process:

1. First she completes the entire picture using a hard lead graphite pencil

2. Then she uses ink to fill in the dark areas of the picture.

3. Third, she adds watercolor -- wash, I think

4. Finally, she adds colored pencil to sharpen and complete the picture. Although it's added last, she says the colored pencil serves as a resist for the other mediums. That portion puzzles me.

Our TRAG Artist of the month theme for April is always "Masters and/or Mentors." If I get it finished, my attempt to follow SueEllen Ross's process will be my "Mentor" offering. A favorite photo view of Tina capturing the sea on her camera when we were returning from our Oregon adventure last summer is my photo reference for this trial. I'm close to being finished with Step One. The question now is, will I be brave enough to jump in with the ink for Step two. Here is my reference photo and the current status of my drawing.

Wish me luck as I forge ahead!

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