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I guess when I said "weekly" blog, I really meant some week or other!

I've really been doing art during this pandemic even though I've neglected to share the results on my blog. In the spring I tried out Sueellen Ross's mixed media techniques, played with squirrels and birds in action, and experimented with a new black watercolor paper using both watercolor and colored pencil. Early this fall I drew Rylie's peppers and my pencils in plein aire style on the backporch and I've kept tweaking it until I signed it last week! My latest obsession is with Art Spectrum Colorfix sanded paper. Karen Deeds gave me a small sample to use to try out a "lesson" from an article in Ann Kullberg's COLOR magazine (Peaches and Glass) and I'm fascinated with the possibilities. Just ordered a supply so I can perhaps create an interesting series of images with it for the Guild's Spring Art Festival. Just for fun, I put a heavy watercolor wash on my Stonehenge white paper and while I "sat" the Gallery for David today I tried another colored pencil image on that to see if it had the same effect. Interestingly, the feel of the tooth on my pencil lead was similar to the sanded stuff. The background, of course, is not nearly as even.

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