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Not that I get obsessed or anything. . .

So, last month Helen Long talked me into providing the program for the Table Rock Art Guild meeting demonstrating (she hoped) my efforts at pyrography (burning) on paper and other things! In preparing my presentation I realized that I no longer had any of the images I had burned on paper. That being the case, I realized I had better create some new ones -- on paper and "other" things. My small colored pencil drawing of the mama northern cardinal was on my drawing board being tweaked (again), so she was the focus of my efforts. I recreated her on leather, wood, paper, canvas board, gourd -- the list went on and on. It was "interesting" (that's what you say when you can't think of anything better!) Now I have all of these unfinished mama cardinals to work on, and the original one is still a work in progress!!! Oh well...I'll just have to plug in my pyrography pens and start working with Barb Blain and Pat Bell on Tuesday mornings! (The one on the turquoise leather is finished -- but it's so much fun to pick it up and feel it that I can't put it away yet!)

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