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Rolling into 2021 and SPRING!

I'm SO ready to say "Goodbye" to frigid weather, ice and snow that January and February -- and even early March -- featured and welcome SPRING!!! The TRAG Artist of the Month theme for March was "Show me Winter" and I actually had two options to choose from to enter: A small watercolor of the surprise snow storm in Bentonville when I went for the weekend with Connie and Tina to celebrate Tina's birthday, and the one I wound up entering of colored pencil on Color Fix umber paper (9x12) where I tried to capture the frosty morning sparkle over our cove. This was the first year I remember the lake in our cove actually freezing!!! The cove scene is the one I entered, and won third place (but only because there were only four entries and there was a tie for first!) The pansies are blooming outside the Gallery/ I captured some of them and now I'm ready to try and capture some daffodils on the Color fix paper.

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